2018 NorWest Candidate questionnaire responses

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Question Schuster Brettman Wheeler Miller Tirio
D-6 D=6 D-4 Treas. Clerk
 1.  Elimination of Capital Gains Tax? yes yes   9 blank yes yes
Comment 9:  or in the alternative a reduction to a rate below that of a person’s regular federal rate.  We need this incentive to further investment and growth.
 2. Elimination of the state death tax? yes yes  10 yes yes yes
Comment 10:  The ability to pass wealth from generation to generation is the mechanism by which civilization itself is built.
 3. Repeal of the federal estate tax? yes yes  10 yes yes yes
Comment 10:  The ability to pass wealth from generation to generation is the mechanism by which civilization itself is built.
 4. State tax on retirement income? no no    11 no no    75
Comment11:  Particularly where taxes on this money has already been paid.

Comment 75:    I think it might be interesting to look at taxing state pensioners that leave the state.

 5. Increase State School funding with dollar for dollar offset in property tax? no 1 yes blank no    76
Comment 1:  Were they to remove all school funding from the property tax bills, I would reconsider this position.

Comment 76:   Would like to see plan.

 6. Constitutional referendum to remove public sector pension guarantee for ALL positions (includes elected office and all public sector employees)? yes yes  12 yes no yes
Comment 12:  This is the primary driver for our States insolvency
 7. Elimination of State Prevailing wage laws? yes yes  13 yes yes yes
Comment 13:   A proper government should spend the money in it’s trust in the same manner as would the people who provide it
 8. Right to work laws (elimination of closed union shops)? yes yes  14 yes yes yes
Comment 14:   Statistics show RTW States are financially better off then closed shop states, and all Federal jobs are ‘Right to Work’._
 9. Caps on torte liability awards? yes yes yes yes yes  77
Comment 77:     Complicated issue, would like to proposed solution.
10. Work requirements for able-bodied welfare recipients? yes yes yes  33 yes yes
Comment 33:  With Drug Testing
11. Reforms to Workmen’s Compensation insurance which will lower premiums? yes yes yes yes yes
12. No increase in taxes on fuels? yes yes  15 yes yes yes
Comment 15:  Excepting that the tax rate needs to keep pace with inflation if we expect to fund any kind of government at all. Ending the Federal Reserve would take care of much if not all of the inflation problem.
13. Rejection to taxing drivers per mile? yes yes yes yes yes
14. Policies to support the expansion of fuel refinery  and nuclear power capacity? yes yes  16 yes yes yes
Comment 16:  Why we allow a Country such as France to outpace us in nuclear is beyond me._
15. Opposition to the sale of any transportation infrastructure component to foreign interests? yes yes yes yes yes
16. Opposition to any financial transaction tax? yes yes  17 yes yes yes
Comment 17:   Such as; _ Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status for HB0106. Creates the Financial Transaction Tax Act. … Provides that the tax is imposed at a rate of $1 per contract for all transactions for which the underlying asset is an agricultural product and $2 per contract for all other contracts. This is just short of extortion and I oppose it.
17. Changes to make tax filing simpler? yes yes yes yes yes
18. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act? yes yes yes  34 yes yes
Comment 34:  And cadillac tax as well
19. Replacement of the Affordable Care Act? yes no     18 No   35 yes no
Comment 18:  I believe in ‘Free Market solutions’

Comment 35:  Let market determine.

20. Permit health insurance companies to cross state lines? yes yes Yes yes yes
21. Use of Flexible Spending Account money to pay for ‘Direct Primary Care’ subscriptions? yes yes Yes yes yes
22. Lower caps on medical malpractice lawsuits? yes yes   19     36 no    78
Comment 19:  Except in cases of pre-meditation.

Comment 36:  Not sure.  I would need to see details – depends on who who develops the plan.

Comment 78:  Maybe.

23. Term limits? yes yes yes yes yes
24. Law to prohibit future elected official participation in taxpayer funded pensions and benefits? yes yes yes  37 yes yes
Comment 37:  We are bankrupt until we get out of this mess absolutely.
25. Restrictions on ‘patronage’ hiring? yes yes    38 yes yes 79
Comment 38:  Define patronage.  If relative, yes.

Comment 79:  I don’t know how you’d do it.  Nepotism should be eliminated for sure.

26. Make violations of rules governing public meetings a felony? yes yes no yes    80
Comment 80:  Depends on the rule.
27. Change re-districting to remove political influence? yes yes yes yes yes
28. Photo id for voting? yes yes yes yes yes
29. Tighter restrictions on the use of ‘eminent domain’? yes yes yes yes yes
30. The erection of ‘border walls’? yes yes yes yes yes
31. Complete repeal of the Illinois ‘Trust’ Act? yes yes yes yes yes
32. Moratorium on ‘refugees’? yes yes  20 No   40 yes yes
Comment 20:  I support the repeal of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (H.R. 2580; Pub.L. 89–236, 79 Stat. 911, enacted June 30, 1968), also known as the Hart–Celler Act.

Comment 40:  Legal refugees only through reg. process.

33. Lower caps on personal injury, products liability and professional malpractice lawsuits? yes yes  19     41 no    81
Comment 19:  Except in cases of pre-meditation.

Comment 41:  Have to see limits and other things.

Comment 81:  Maybe.

34. Privacy of FOID information? yes yes yes yes yes
35. Elimination of the FOID Act? yes yes yes yes yes
36. Development of economic impact plans for prison closure, construction and usage? yes yes yes yes
37. E-Verify as a requirement for new hires? yes yes yes yes yes
38. Full enforcement of all federal immigration laws? yes yes yes yes yes
39. Full implementation of 287-g by all law enforcement agencies? yes yes  21 yes yes
Comment 21:  And negative consequences for those State and local agencies who refuse to comply.
40. Overturning Roe v. Wade? yes yes yes yes yes
41. No tax dollars to be used for abortions or to support organizations that support abortions? yes yes yes yes yes
42. Require parental notification / permission (custodial parent / parents) prior to the performance of an abortion involving a minor child? yes yes yes yes yes
43. Enactment of the Illinois Born-Alive Infant Protection Act? yes yes  22 yes yes yes
Comment 22:  _https://www.nrlc.org/archive/ObamaBAIPA/ExactBillKilledbyObama.html
44. Constitutional enshrinement of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)? blank yes yes blank
45. Elimination of the Federal Dept. of Education? yes yes yes yes yes
46. Parental rights to final decisions relative to IEPs?  (Individual Education Plan) yes yes yes yes
47. Do you see the U.S. Constitution as a living document to be adjusted to current norms? no no no no no
48. Do you support the practice of special committees being called for issues already assigned to standing committees within a government body? no no  23 no no no
Comment 23:  See: https://www.lyingjackfranks.com/
49. Do you consider yourself a Fiscal:  Conservative?  Moderate? Liberal?  Social:  Conservative?  Moderate?  Liberal? cons. cons. cons. cons. cons.
49.1  Based on your choices, tell us how your positions will be applied to your duties as a member of the unit of government you are campaigning for: cons. 2 cons.  24 cons. cons.  50 cons. 82
Comment 2:  Rather than simply continuing government oversite and funding as usual, I would work to find alternatives to continued government services and programs.

Comment 24:  I intend to be the Conservative Conscience or the McHenry County Board in exactly the same fashion as Senator Barry Goldwater was for the U.S. Senate.

Comment 50:  My understanding of property taxes and the laws that govern – my ability to empathize with taxpayers frustration of high taxes.

Comment 82:  Fiscally taking advantage of opportunities to limit / save / share costs where possible.

50. In the world of politics, what is your definition of a). conservative, b). moderate, and c). liberal? 3, 4, 5 25     42     51    83
Comment  3:  A conservative works to support individual responsibility and less government.

Comment  4:  A moderate holds fewer personal convictions and cab be easily swayed.

Comment  5:  A liberal is one who reinforces dependency on big government and less personal responsibility.

Comment 25:  See –  http://www.orvillebrettman.com/questions-asked-orv/

Comment 42:  Conservative takes Constitution literally and does not “interpret” anything.

Comment 51:  A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes.

Comment 83:  a) Smaller cheaper, less intrusive gov.  b)Mix of a) & c)  c) believes that gov. exists to provide & regulate almost anything, more gov. = better.

51. Do you believe Rules established by the unit of government you are campaigning for are guidelines, or structured rules? struct. struct.    43      52    84
Comment  43:  Rules are rules and if changed should be amended and voted on by the Board.

Comment  52:  I see them as guidelines to carry out my duties as the Co. Treasurer.

Comment  84:  Most are conveyed via statute, so I see them as rules.

52. If an incumbent, what are your personal accomplishments?     6 26 blank      53    85
Comment    6:  As a past member of the board, I believe my greatest accomplishment has been drafting the text for the County Board Rules reducing the ability of one person to stack committees with “yes” voters to manipulate issue outcome.

Comment  26:  : While not an incumbent for the office of County Board member I do have a significant political track record which may be found on my political website here:  http://www.orvillebrettman.com/

Comment  53:  As Treasurer – adopted a revised investment policy and introduced alternative investment options to foster increase earnings; a new website linking treasurer reports distribution – see my campaign piece.

Comment  85:  As incumbent Recorder I got the resolution on the ballot to eliminate the role, reduced salary by nearly 13 %, refused the pensions,implemented “honor rewards” for the benefit of local Vets & businesses, improve documen cycle time.

53. When elected, what are your goals; what do you plan to accomplish in this position?    7 27 blank      54    86
Comment    7:  Personally I would like to see a committee established to work on in-depth review of county government programs and services.  For honest tax reductions, this is the only way to accomplish the goal.

Comment  27:  My overarching goal is to preserve the lifestyle which the residents of McHenry County have enjoyed for so many years. To preserve our resources and ground water, to guard in so far as possible against over development and to make sure that the growth that comes is both well planned and most importantly that it pays its own way. I promise to struggle to undue elements of progressive political machinations that have witnessed Board acquiescence to repeated rule violations, and to ensure that the highly paid Board staff is no longer the tail that wags the dog.

Comment  54:  Continue investment approach, involvement of implementing a new financial software for County daily operations and financial reporting.

Comment  86:  Obviously want to merge Recorder & Clerk, but most importantly, I want people to once again have confidence & trust in the Clerk and the office.

54. What do you want your voters to knbow about you that may not be covered by this questionnaire?    8 28 blank      55    87
Comment    8:  Having done my homework on issues, I am not afraid to stand up for the right decision regardless of the political impact to me personally.

Comment  28:  Please see my website http://www.orvillebrettman.com/  as well as my Facebook page Orville Brettman__

Comment  55:  My extensive knowledge of the duties charged to the County Treasurer by the Illinois Compiled Statutes (law) and my commitment to the citizens of McHenry County and beyond.

Comment  87:  Long before I got my first government check, I was working hard for the people of this county.  Especially the work with Voters In Action.  We had numerous positive impacts from the Randall Road Project, the Education clinics in schools, home rule, numerous school financial issues and more.

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